here, there, and everywhere

  • One (1) manmade lunar impact crater
  • Two (2) voiced velar fricative (‘gyro,’ ‘Ghana’)
  • More (more) shopping
  • One thousand nine hundred fourteen (1,914) channels of junk
  • Two (2) dynamics problems to write and solve myself
  • Twelve (12) dollars, in Sacageweas, from a stamp machine
  • Four (4) paper clips
  • Five (5) USGS topographic quadrangle maps

5 Responses to here, there, and everywhere

  1. Mary Beth says:

    I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out if your linguistical categorization of ‘gyro’ was correct.

    Wow I am a nerd.

  2. jbdowse says:

    I think because of the y (pronounced ee) after the g in “gyro,” the allophone is actually palatal rather than velar in this case, but you’re right that the g phoneme is generally a v.v.f. in Greek. I didn’t know that Ghana is actually pronounced with one, where’d you find that out? I will pronounce it that way from now on unless it makes things awkward like if I’m all “Ghana” and someone else is like “what” and I’m all “GGHHHANA don’t you know what I am saying” and they’re all “I’m done with this”

  3. Joseph Shoer says:

    I don’t know for sure that it’s a v.v.f., but that’s the segment I thought I heard when my rocket science classmate from Ghana pronounced the name. Certainly it was more fricative-like than plosive-like.

    And yes, I’m a dork who responds to comments immediately after I get the notification e-mail. I miss Williams people that much.

  4. jbdowse says:

    SWEET it is from an authority!

  5. Looking forward to reading more. Great blog.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

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