these are a few of my favorite things

  • Walking across the Science Quad, behind the bleachers set up on the lawn
  • Physics snacks
  • Parker and the marshmallows
  • Foliage and music on Mountain Day
  • Sneaking a dump truck into Lisa’s room
  • Walking across Mission to visit Dave
  • Running barefoot in 12″ of snow
  • Killing as an organized sport
  • Braving -30°F wind chills to build an R/C glider
  • Watching Erika in hockey games
  • Spending time in Greylock
  • Chatting sci-fi authorship with Joe
  • What a Feeling
  • Working wild quantum problems with Creston
  • Losing every ultimate frisbee game but completing our explicit objective of having more fun than any other team
  • Emsa the wild and crazy JA
  • Poking Jonaya to make her giggle
  • Lessons in Go
  • Watching Alden fiddle
  • Pajama parties
  • Spectating at the final match of a pro squash tournament
  • Woodbridge dance mixes
  • Meditating on the form of a still-life
  • Broomball games
  • Professor Adams making bets
  • Learning to give technical physics talks
  • Applauding Prof. Bolton on the last day of class
  • Wine and cheese and the Rite of Spring at Tanglewood
  • Dave Brubeck
  • Oh Hell and Hearts
  • Occasionally swing dancing
  • Laser safety goggles as sunglasses
  • Running from Morgan to the squash courts
  • Water-feuding with Lisetta
  • Watching Alden take pool shots from atop the table
  • Inventing our own Hall-Ball
  • Listening to Ashleigh go on about chemistry
  • Having a sister around
  • Cranking out some of the most difficult, intellectually challenging writing I’ve ever done…for planetary geology class
  • Playing boggle
  • Combo Za does “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”
  • International dinners in Dodd
  • Baxter Hall
  • Purple mountains majesty
  • Best mascot ever
  • Security officers joining us to look for meteor showers on Cole Field
  • Throwing and making the most nail-biting, zero-to-no-chance-of-success, long-shot hammer for a touchdown in the annual math-versus-physics frisbee game
  • Spring peepers sounding on my way home
  • Struggling with thesis research between problem sets and papers
  • Hiding in the nest under Lisa’s bed
  • Justin and the Nerf Wars in Bronfman
  • Papa’s Delicate Condition
  • Cinnamon buns an omeletes for brunch
  • Carmina Burana
  • Grilled honey buns at the Snack Bar
  • Taking the long shift tutoring in the Resource Center and watching the kids succeed
  • Running into students of all disciplines on the sidewalk
  • Anti-caterpillar chalkings
  • The pumpkin hunt
  • Getting locked in Lisa’s closet
  • Pulling music over the network
  • Pet crayfish
  • Rooming on the science quad
  • Putting up “wanted” posters for Esa
  • Watching SNL with almost the entire entry at lunch
  • Playing against a French TA at the badminton club
  • Linguistics
  • Losing “betting units” to Dave
  • Playing poker for pennies
  • Make your own pizzas in Mission followed by pool above
  • Curtis the custodian
  • Telling everyone fifteen times about my upcoming Southwest vacation
  • Sam igniting a napkin
  • Cookouts on lawns and quads
  • Concerts in Goodrich Hall
  • Bouncing a tennis ball against Lisa’s wall
  • Watching the mystery of What is Alden’s Door Combination get solved in spectacular fashion
  • Just watching Ross
  • Where’d You Get That?!
  • The Eyes
  • Hanging out with Sparky
  • Professors who know exactly how to impart versatile problem-solving tools
  • Getting seven out of eleven acceptance letters
  • The Islamic Blanket and the Courtly Bow
  • Analyzing a lunar eclipse
  • Episodes of “The West Wing” with matzah in my room on lazy Sunday mornings
  • Lying in the sun on my bed in Currier
  • Tossing Frisbees on the Odd Quad
  • Hearing Dean Roseman call my name at Ivy Exercises
  • Getting the thesis to work out beyond my expectations when I was in the doldrums
  • Climbing trees for no reason at all
  • Building the world’s least cohesive snowman
  • Dinners with Alden, Lisa, Teresa, Esa, Dave, and Erika in various combinations
  • Greetings from Ducky on the way into Mission
  • Working EM problems in Schow
  • A capella groups outside making noise
  • Baxter mailroom in mid-day
  • “The Mountains, The Mountains!”

Too much else to remember.  Why should this all hit me at 2 am last night?


One Response to these are a few of my favorite things

  1. jbdowse says:

    Maybe because TODAY TURNED OUT TO BE MOUNTAIN DAY and you presaged it?? (I happened to go to the Williams homepage to look at Sawyer-Stetson today, and it was announced there!) Anyway, HOT DOG how long did that list take you to compile! It is really impressive. I don’t think I could come up with such a list except over a period of days, thinking about it a lot and letting the memories drip back into my head.

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