New Years’ Resolutions

Ha, ha! Here is an instance where my list format, which up to this point I’ve found fun and interesting even if it’s sometimes limiting, definitely works in my favor! (Although I suppose I could start writing commentaries, introductions, or conclusions…but that would be a major break from the Lists of Things tradition.) Without further ado, as the title suggests, I resolve to try to:

  1. Set aside some time each week to bust out the ol’ papers, charcoals, chalk, graphite, and artists’ erasers.
  2. Set aside some time each week to write. Fiction, that is.
  3. Call my college friends on the phone more often (i.e., at all). Because other means of keeping in touch don’t seem terribly effective.
  4. Join the Ithaca Composite Squadron, CAP.
  5. Start playing squash again.

2 Responses to New Years’ Resolutions

  1. crm says:

    did u ever join the ithaca squadron??

  2. Joseph Shoer says:

    Yup! My papers have gone in…and I just have to buy a pair of boots today so I can show up in uniform tomorrow evening.

    – 2Lt Shoer

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