possible final five Cylons

I choose those characters who seem to have premonitions/visions/destinies.

  1. Kara Thrace, because of her “destiny.”  And stupid end.  Obviously.
  2. Galen Tyrol, because he seems to have some strong ties to the Temple of Five and has his own sense of “destiny.”
  3. Laura Roslin, because she also has some air of the supernatural about her, especially the visions from season 1–though I think she is probably not a Cylon because that would be way too contrived.
  4. Gaius Baltar, because of his projection ability.  However, this is what Baltar wants to be true…so it probably isn’t.  Though that leaves the “projection” mechanism unexplained.

…and these are probably safe from being Cylons:

  1.  William and Lee Adama, because the series revolves around “the family Adama” (in Ron Moore’s words).  In addition, these two are pretty well established as a biological father-son pair.
  2. Karl Agathon, because though he meets the “destiny” criterion, Cylons can’t reproduce.
  3. Ellen Tigh, because although she began with suspicious motives, many of her motivations were revealed in “Exodus, Pt. 1” and they seem essentially un-Cylon.
  4. Tom Zarek, because that would just be too obvious.

3 Responses to possible final five Cylons

  1. Andrew says:

    Ok here is what i think after watching the final episode of the entire year. First off if you watched this season closely you see alot of things happen. Watch very closely and you see that in the episode when the fleet has just escaped from New Caprica there is a gang who are apparently taking justice in there own hands and killing collaborators. Well if you payed attention some of the key members of that gang were as follows Tigh, Anders, Chief, and later Starbuck. Well in the final episode for the season you see Tigh, Anders, Chief, and Tori in the same room during the power outage. Regarding Starbuck why would they kill her right after they told her she had a destiny that makes no sense. I dont care about any excuse of well she pulled out an awesome escape that body died but like all Cylons final five or not she more than likely had a new body. All during the final two episodes the four others i mentioned kept hearing the same song in their heads no one else could hear. Well i know hind sight’s 20-20 but those really looked like good guesses from the very begining of the season and before then even. Anyway have fun

  2. vka says:

    I think the group of 4 may be just to throw us off. The preview for the final 9 episodes said one will die, one will find earth and one will be a cylon. answer: Starbuck is all 3… she died. regenerated as a cylon and found earth !!

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