Did I make it?

Originally posted 15 April 2006:


  1. Be addressed as “Lieutenant Shoer” once again (Ithaca Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol)
  2. Kayak in Cayuga Lake (or should I call it Kayaka Lake?) — No have kayak. Yet?
  3. Go wine-tasting any time I like Not that I do. But I could!
  4. Officially call myself a rocket scientist
  5. Be the first person in the world to work on an entirely new class of spacecraft Well, in the first group to do so.
  6. Have a color as a mascot
  7. Live in my own apartment
  8. Be surrounded by gorges and waterfalls
  9. Walk down the hall to the ornithopter lab or mix things up with a visit to the college synchotron Again, not that I do, but I could! There are some pretty damn cool toys around here.
  10. Use Zaphod Beeblebrox’s pickup line: “Hey baby, you wanna see my spaceship?” Haven’t come close to making this one yet, much to my disappointment. But just give me a couple years!!

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