I amused myself while walking home by estimating the cost of the following liquids in dollars per gallon

  • Gasoline: $3.10/gal (at Ithaca-area gas stations)
  • Milk: $2.50/gal (at Wegmans – not far off the mark, which is actually $2.79)
  • Bottled water: ~$10/gal (assuming $1 per 12-ounce bottle from a vending machine)
  • Soda: ~$10/gal (ditto water)
  • Coffee: ~$16/gal (assuming ~$2 per 16-ounce cup)
  • Human insulin: ~$8,000/gal (assuming about five 10-mL vials are $100 — this turns out to be a gross underestimate now that I’m back in my apartment and have checked my records: the actual figure is more like $25,000/gal!)

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