Castle Aagh

  1. Saturday: South Central Group Commanders’ Call for five hours
  2. Monday: grade 62 problem sets
  3. Tuesday: come up with new problem sets
  4. Tuesday: fill in aerospace CAP activity
  5. Wednesday: hold TA office hours, probably fielding complaints about problem set grades
  6. Wednesday: Doctor’s appointment x2
  7. Wednesday: Need to go buy more food
  8. Wednesday: My turn to make dinner
  9. Thursday: Problem set on which I am totally stuck is due
  10. Thursday: Give SiGMA lecture
  11. Thursday: Assign problem sets which I made up
  12. Friday: Give group presentation on how little research I have done

One Response to Castle Aagh

  1. Nicole Sharp says:

    13. Saturday: Enjoy the Apple Harvest festival with Nicole.

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