important things to remember about Charles Darwin

  1. He was a devout Christian.
  2. He found it amazing and awe-inspiring that God chose to create the world through the process of evolution.
  3. He did not “believe” in evolution a priori.  He became convinced of evolution through true scientific process of induction, of inference through observation.  It’s not like he was “indoctrinated” in “scientific dogma” in grade school.
  4. He did believe in God a priori.  He wasn’t out to get religion.
  5. His theory was formulated in terms of so-called “macroevolution,” and was founded on evidence of same.  So-called “microevolution” was observed later.  (Both so-called because the distinction is artificial: it’s a way for Creationists to refuse evolution without also giving up their vaccines.  This makes them Cafeteria Scientists as well as Cafeteria Christians!)

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