Lists of Things Official 2008 Campaign Coverage: reasons I would consider voting for John McCain in the Massachusetts primary

  1. I would be happy with any of the Democratic candidates, but I absolutely do not want certain Republicans to be President (Huckabee, Romney, Paul, Guiliani).  Some of those genuinely frighten me (Huckabee, Paul).  I feel my vote would be better used, at least in the primary, to discriminate between Republican candidates.
  2. McCain seems the most statesmanlike of the GOP candidates.  He’s not a preacher, he’s not a mayor, he’s been seriously involved in legislature for many years.  He never ran for ex-Governor of Massachusetts in order to leapfrog to President.  He doesn’t have a religious agenda.  (Despite the fact that his positions are rather too socially conservative.)
  3. He’s a Senator.  A former Senator hasn’t become President since Johnson, and the American people haven’t elected a Senator to the Presidency since Kennedy.  This is partly because Senate rules are such that you can dig back into someone’s record and find some random amendment they supported (or not) to make it look like they have just about any position you want.  Therefore, if McCain is the Republican nominee, the fact that Obama, Clinton, and Edwards are/were all Senators will not be an issue.
  4. He’s a Senator.  In the US Senate, he has had to learn, develop, and execute the ins and outs of compromise, working with other viewpoints, melding several different opinions into a reasonable end result.  He would at least move a Republican Executive branch back to the center, back to cooperating with Democrats and un-paralyzing Washington to actually accomplish some things.
  5. He served his country with distinction.  Contrast with Dubya, who dodged serving his country; Romney, who served his church and his self-interest; Thompson, who served his writers…

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