the skeptics are not asking the right questions

  1. Why wouldn’t there be Earthlike worlds around other stars?
  2. Why wouldn’t there be life in our own Solar System wherever there are water and energy sources?
  3. What could we not gain in understanding about the cosmos, ourselves, and our place in the Universe by direct investigation?
  4. Why shouldn’t we be exploring these places with every resource we can muster?

3 Responses to the skeptics are not asking the right questions

  1. Mary Beth says:

    oooh! ooooh! I have a semester’s worth of tutorial papers on these very subjects! :)

    Thank you for doing a much better job of keeping a blog than I do. Your lists are an entertaining distraction. And I have learned a thing or two more about the current political races as well.

  2. jshoer says:

    Hee! I just came home from CAP and was watching reruns of Carl Sagan’s show. That man was amazing.

    I think that my bloggery is, on average, much easier than that of other people. The lists are pretty simple to come up with usually. I’m no sarcastic-fiction-masterpiece writer or minute-by-minute chronicler.

    Did you get to see Obama, and how was it?

  3. Mary Beth says:

    I did indeed get to see Obama. It wasn’t anything mind-blowing, but I still think it was worth waiting out in the cold for! (Rumor has it that people started lining up outside the arena around 2 pm for doors opening at 6; the organization was quite poor and friends of mine who made it into the line an hour before my group did ended up waiting at least an hour after we got in, because of where and when they opened certain doors. But I digress.) Nothing earth-shattering, he only spoke for about 20 minutes and didn’t say anything unexpected or new, but it reinforced my inclination to support him in the primary. Like many others, I was not completely taken by either of the candidates, but Obama definitely has some good ideas and I honestly believe he has a better shot of winning the general election than Hillary does. It would be nice if we didn’t have to consider that, when voting in the primary, and just evaluate the democratic candidates against one another, but that’s not really feasible. However, I definitely wouldn’t say that I voted for Obama just to take a vote from Hillary. I know many Hillary supporters see Obama as overly optimistic, substituting hope for actual plans for running the country, but I think that a.) they are mistaken on the lack of actual plans front, and b.) a little optimism might actually do this country some good in terms of catalyzing change.

    OK, this is approaching the “too lengthy for a blog comment” levels, my laptop battery is fading, and I should return to working on seminar slides, so I will conclude there.

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