the last Cylon – Season 4 opening speculation

I was only a little bit correct about the four Cylons from Season 3.  So, here’s my list of characters who cannot be the last Cylon:

  • Helo (Cylons cannot make babies.)
  • Cally (Ditto.)
  • William Adama (If he was, Lee would also have to be.)
  • Lee Adama (See William Adama.)

And characters who are probably not the last Cylon:

  • Starbuck (She seems to have been wormholed around by other means than Cylon ressurection.)
  • Laura Roslin (I don’t think Cylons get cancer.)
  • Gaius Baltar (As in my previous speculation – this would be to easy/unsatisfying.)

This doesn’t leave many characters.  Possibly the last one will be a new introduction, or – OH MY GOSH – a person from contemporary society once they reach Earth.  Anyway, my bets (tee hee):

  • Billy Keikeia
  • Ellen Tigh

5 Responses to the last Cylon – Season 4 opening speculation

  1. Salt says:

    I think it is Laura Roslin. For one thing we do know cylons get sick (remember the beacon?) and for another she is having shared dreams with two other known cylons. Of course I am probably wrong considering how much I’ve been surprised so far. I hope we don’t have to wait until 2009 when season 4 is supposed to be finished to find out. They don’t have to wait until the very end to reveal the last one.

    However! Since you seem to think it might be a character that died earlier, maybe it is Kat. She was a smuggler so her history is certainly less than certain.
    Don’t ya just love speculating?

  2. Joe says:

    Fair point about the beacon virus, but cancer just doesn’t seem like the sort of thing the Cylons would be susceptible to. The whole cure-with-the-half-Cylon-blood thing makes me doubt that she’s a Cylon, too. But most of all–it would be a dramatic letdown! One of the things I really love about BSG is how just when I think I can predict what will happen next, they suddenly jump sideways. Having the person who will, according to prophecy, lead the fleet to Earth turn out to be a Cylon after all would just seem too…cliched?…to me.

    You are also certainly right that the revelation might not come at the end of the season. We might find out partway along that Dee or Gaeta or Zarek or Lampkin (oh, hey, I forgot about him!) is to the Final Five as Boomer was to the Seven.

  3. Salt says:

    Lampkin the Lawyer? Now that would certainly come out of leftfield. I’ve read a lot of theories today and yours seem as reasonable as just about any however my hunch is still with Roslin. I’ve been wondering about the polytheist/monotheist aspect of the show and am thinking that maybe, somehow, some way they will tie the two together. With Roslin being the prophesiesed leader and her interest in Athena/Helo’s baby which is part of cylon prophecy is giving me this nagging feeling that somehow that is part of how the two religions will come together. The cancer thing is the best argument against that theory although I would be more convinced if another character’s cancer was “cured” in the same way by the baby’s blood.

    That being said, Dee or Gaeta are very logical choices too. Both characters, while relatively minor have alays been close to the action in some way. I doubt it will be a part time character like Zarek, that would be a disappointment to me. Also on further thought, I don’t think it is a “dead” character as they would have already resurrected and the cylons would know who he/she is already (wouldn’t they?) God! I am way overthinking things! Can’t wait to find out how it plays out.

  4. jshoer says:

    After last night’s episode, I’ve almost changed my mind and decided that it’s Baltar. Of course…I’m sure they want me to think that!

  5. kara says:

    roselin has shared dreams becuase she got injected with half cylon blood which connects her to them. no way is she a cylon she already has her role it would be kind of lame to give her the role of the final cylon too.

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