Lists of Things Official 2008 Campaign Coverage: A case for Obama

The most important global issues facing us today are ones that will affect life on Earth for the next 50-100 years:

  1. Global climate change
  2. Energy shortages
  3. Extremism
  4. Education
  5. Developing nations
  6. Ethnic conflicts
  7. Fast-paced technology and science advancement

In addition, national issues will require far-reaching actions on the part of our legislators and executives:

  1. Improving (i.e., repairing) the national healthcare system
  2. Ameliorating the national debt and trade deficit
  3. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels
  4. Addressing the skyrocketing costs of a college education
  5. Improving public attitudes towards science and enhancing the education system
  6. Rebuilding our relations abroad
  7. Actually safeguarding citizens from terrorist attacks

These challenges can best be addressed not by a candidate with merely a point-by-point list, but by a candidate who is willing to shape and adapt their views based on changing inputs and ever-more-refined information.  The necessity of far-reaching solutions also requires that the candidate be willing to prioritize these comprehensive solutions above their own desire for a political legacy.  For most of this election cycle’s candidates, the Presidency is the end of the line: the chance to culminate their personal political careers and establish a lasting legacy (all the more ripe a prize after the failures of the current administration).  For these reasons, I believe that it is extremely important to elect a younger, more dynamic, more open leader.

Obama ’08.


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