Starcraft 2 campaign story prediction

  1. Zerg: Kerrigan hatches evil plan, battles Protoss and Dominion forces.  Go back to Earth to infest the population?
  2. Protoss: The intrepid warriors discover Kerrigan’s plans, which of course involve the Protoss’ own Xel’Naga origins, and devise a way to circumvent her.
  3. Terran: Rebel forces led by Jim Raynor fight against the Dominion for a while, but then Raynor’s old allies the Protoss come to him and he launches their bid to stop Kerrigan.  Raynor gets the girl?

2 Responses to Starcraft 2 campaign story prediction

  1. Starcraft 2 says:

    How will StarCraft 2 be different from StarCraft?

  2. Slammy says:

    SC2 is comming out around Dec. weather or not its 2008 or 2009 is undecided atm. but the span between sc1 and sc2 is a good 10 years thus a whole new decade of creative proggraming and tech will go into this game that has been secretly in creation for a couple of years. i personaly have high hopes for it/
    As for the prediction i would say it is a chance but a slim one. it is belived that no matter what campain you play it leads to the same ending but only diffrent (besides the fact of ending in diffrent races) but by their new “choice” system where a player will choose what planet to go to, thus a diffrent storyline everytime.
    I belive the storyline will be based apon the rising power of the “hybrids” that Zeratual found, and the aincent Xel’Naga rise to stop the Hybrid threat with the help of Raynor, Zeratual and possibly Kerrigan. Its a rumor that a power source is found at the end of the story that cleanses the zerg virus and Kerrigan is set free of her curse by the help of the Xel’Naga. But i think only Kerrigan will be “saved” while the rest of the Swarm remains in tact, then all the heroes will battle the rest of ’em. This is all theory but (in my opinion) a more likely possiblity.


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