Make Google Chrome’s OmniBar behave more like FireFox 3’s AwesomeBar

FireFox’s AwesomeBar gets most of its awesome from doing a Google I’m Feeling Lucky search when you type something and hit ENTER.  That got me used to typing what I want into it rather than where I want to go, so the shift to Chrome knocked me off-kilter a little.  Since I like Chrome so much otherwise, I figured this trick out:

1. In Chrome, click the wrench > Options
2. Under Basics > Default Search, click Manage
3. Click Add
4. Enter a name and keyword (I used “Google I’m Feeling Lucky” and “Google”)
5. Enter this for the URL (take out linebreaks–darn you, WordPress!): 


(Note that this is the same as the default URL for “Google,” but with “&btnI=745” appended.  This forces an “I’m Feeling Lucky” search!)

6. Click OK
7. Click Make Default
8. Click Close
9. Click Close
I’m still looking for ways to improve this.  For instance, I’d still like Chrome to have an option for a Google search in the dropdown before I hit ENTER.


    2 Responses to Make Google Chrome’s OmniBar behave more like FireFox 3’s AwesomeBar

    1. orip says:

      Thanks, this is cool!
      I much prefer Firefox’s AwesomeBar – it just seems to know what I want without any configuring – but customizing search engines in Chrome helps.

    2. Tempura says:

      Not that it’s important after all this time, but this features has’nt any connection with the awesomebar at all. In fact, firefox has this fallbacksearch of the addressbar since the first versions when it was’nt named firefox. It’s just the defaultsearch which get called if you type somtething which is’nt a url(-part), an alias and nore an searchalias.

      Just for the record ;)

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