why I hate, despise, detest, and loathe LabView

Friday, 3 August 2007
  1. Inability to write descriptive comments!
  2. Inability to name variables!!!
  3. Nonlinear, graphical programming interface:
    1. Messy, horribly hard-to-follow programs!  Wires everywhere!
    2. Extreme difficulty to insert new commands into an established program without ruining the organization structure!!
    3. Frakking impossible to debug!!!!!
    4. Computer processors operate linearly anyway–LABVIEW IS LYING!!!
  4. Sequence structures–the most cumbersome way possible for the LabView creators to have tried to rectify the problem that sometimes YOU JUST NEED TO EXECUTE COMMANDS IN ORDER JUST LIKE A CONVENTIONAL PROGRAM, DAMMIT!!!
  5. Mouse sensitivity!  As in, my programming ability should not have to rely on my skill to accurately position the mouse over some of those frakking tiny terminals!
  6. Timing structures–THEY DO NO SUCH THING!
  7. The fact that it has to rebuild all its data acquisition sub-VIs every time I want to make a tiny change to the sampling mode!
  8. Shift registers and sequence instances!  The saddest excuses for variables on the planet–and they contribute to the messy wiring problem!!
  9. It handles arrays in an extraordinarily clunky manner–and when you’re taking data, the role LabView is best suited for, MOST OF THE TIME YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY AVOID USING ARRAYS!