Some suggestions for holidays that athiesm or agnosticism might have as an organized religion

Friday, 17 April 2009
  • 21 March, 21 July, 21 September, 21 December – Solstices and equinoxes. Times to celebrate each season, the passage of time, events that occured in the past season, new growth, harvests, etc.
  • 9 November – Carl Sagan’s birthday. A day to celebrate the wonder of the physical universe and its exploration.
  • 15 February – Galileo Galilei’s birthday. A day to celebrate the ability of the human mind to investigate and comprehend the universe. Another possible Galileo-related suggestion: 31 October, the anniversary of the day in 1992 when the Vatican officially admitted that they were wrong about the Sun going around the Earth.
  • The date when Roger Williams founded Rhode Island. This holiday would celebrate the independence, diversity, and tolerance of thought and philosophy.
  • A day honoring Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen), pioneer of the scientific method and experimental physics.

I need some suggestions that counteract my Western history educational bias…